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The free online course in listening to singing bowls and listening meditation

SonicMeditation.Net is a free online course in listening meditation, featuring natural soundscapes, and singing bowls of different kinds, including crystal singing bowls and harmonic series singing bowls (harmonic bowls).

Random access to the course content is possible, but to get the most out of the course it should be followed through the six levels, in order. So the best way to explore is by the arrows at the bottom of the pages, starting here.

The course has been created to bring elements from the beautiful world of sound further into the spotlight of contemporary spirituality. On the course you can discover the power of conscious listening through direct practical experience, and encounter the world of psychosonics.

The course also introduces the incoming tide of science - the approaching hard-science of the human mind, through the science of the brain - the scientific quest to understand our conditional consciousness.

The course is gradual, and practical. But it does ramp up towards deeper things, later in the course. And on the way, if you follow the “side turnings”, the links to extra reading pages, you'll find longer and deeper material there, too.

To download full-length original CD tracks for most of the sessions, sign-up for free.


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